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Real testimonials from people who have visited Tooth Tourism’s referral network of dental specialists!

What dental tourists have to say about El Salvador

“My husband and I have traveled to El Salvador for the last eight years to get our dental work done by Dr. L. We have found him to be an excellent dentist, much better than we can get in the United States. In fact, my dentist in the United States complemented me on my dental work and when I told him who had done this work and where, I was pleasantly surprise to hear that my U.S. dentist not only knew of him, but had actually received seminars from Dr L. He has state of the art equipment and all uses only the best materials in his practice. I can’t think of a better dentist for us.”
-- Anna McNeill, USA

“Dr L. has given a new dimension to my lifestyle. Has placed a titanium dental implants which has compensated the loss of my bone mass in my maxillaries. After this treatment I can chew normally again, fact that allows me to eat everything I like and use my palate. My teeth are stronger. I am sure that this new and effective treatment will help you, as much as it did to me."
-- Carla Vigliar Falaschi, Italy

“I am convinced that dental implants are the best advance in dentistry. I have had implants for 10 years and has been the best rehabilitation that I could had”.
-- Dr. José Luis Saca, Radio Corporación FM President

“The advance in dental technology is something it transpires in Dr. L’s dental office´. Not just in the quality of the treatments, which are very esthetic and functional, but also for the clean environment and the biosecurity measurements which make me feel that I am getting the best treatment in safe conditions."
-- María Mercedes de Varela

What dental tourists have to say about Costa Rica

"I am an American, retired and living in beautiful Costa Rica. Over my life I have been to many dentists and have found that the dental care here in Costa Rica to be excellent.

Dr. M is a fine young and excellent dentist whom I would highly recommend. I will be 75 years old soon and my teeth look like they were 40 years ago with only a few visits. Doctor you are Top Shelf."
-- Bob W., USA

"On a recent visit to Costa Rica for business, I found myself with some extra time. I needed some dental work, looked up some local dentists, and came across Dr. M. From the very first call, his service was courteous, efficient, and very knowledgeable. He wasn't interested in just getting me in the door, and he provided timely, painless, and excellent work.

Whether in Costa Rica for business or pleasure, I highly recommend Dr M. to anyone, young or old. You will not be disappointed."
-- Norman A., USA

"After doing my research, I was recommended to visit Dr. M. My teeth needed a lot of work done. Here in United States the price was between 15 to 20 thousand dollars. A friend of mine told me about this packages he puts together where you visit Costa Rica and at the same time you get your dental work done.

Never the less, I paid 7 thousand dollars that not only included airline tickets, hotel, two meals a day and trip to the Guanacaste beach, but also my teeth are in a good shape as I wanted.

I definitely recommend Dr. M because he is a young modern dentist, and a visit to the beautiful Costa Rica . I am planning to go back next summer. Thanks for a wonderful experience."
-- Guadalupe P., USA

"It's been at least 4 years since I wanted to get my teeth whitened. The reason I didn't do it before is because I live in Canada and it is definitely more expensive here.

I went to Costa Rica to visit my family and I just happened to mention my interest in getting this procedure done. Someone suggested Dr. M. and I decided to give it a try.

I'm so glad I did. He is truly the best dentist I've ever had! He is young and friendly, but at the same time very professional. I will definitely go back to his office. Not only was it a good experience but I also got fantastic results!

Thank you Doctor!"
-- Mariola E., Canada

What dental tourists have to say about Panama

"Since I first discovered Dr. E I have not seen any other dentist, and that’s more than 15 years. I always get great results. I always see other Americans here too. She is a wonderful dentist and such a nice person. I would recommend her services to anybody!"
-- Thelma P.