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Panama CityPanama is a country that is making large strides quickly. It is reclaiming its image as an international banking and duty free centre. It is welcoming real estate investment such as the Donald Trump tower currently being built in Panama City, just one of many skyscrapers that are part of the city skyline. It is attracting thousands of American retirees, by offering tax incentives and other perks.

The country’s tourism minister is Panama native Ruben Blades, who became a music and film star in the USA, and has returned home to help promote Panama. He says there are more birds in Panama than any other Central American country. One Panamanian church still stands from 1522, and in Panama City some historical buildings still date from near 1671 when the city was sacked by pirate Henry Morgan.

Call Tooth Tourism for a detailed quote today!The most famous attraction in this country is of course the engineering marvel the Panama Canal, finished in 1914. Many tours area available. Since the narrowest part of Panama is just 37 miles between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the novelty of swimming in both oceans on the same day cannot easily be done anywhere else. Hurricanes typically track north of Panama but thunderstorms are common. The rainy season extends from about May to December.

Call Tooth Tourism for a detailed quote today!Panama’s medical reputation is steadily growing in most sectors. To find accredited and experienced dentists in Panama who work in clinics that are up to US or Canadian standards, contact Tooth Tourism, we’ve been there.