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El Salvador

The smallest country in Central America is still struggling to overcome the image of the 1984-92 civil war. The country has moved on, and adopted the American dollar as legal currency.

El Salvador welcomed almost 1 million visitors in 2007, even though tourism infrastructure is still being created and there are few full-fledged resorts. Its one place you can travel to and see more natives than tourists.

The capital city San Salvador is home to American hotel chains, restaurants and banks, and the largest shopping malls in Central America. San Salvador also has numerous excellent restaurants with modern cosmopolitan menus as well as traditional menus. One restaurant is located in a volcano crater overlooking the city.

The chain of dormant volcanoes dominates the country with the exception of a high plateau and the Pacific coast. Many of the beaches of the Pacific are becoming famous for surfers, and one section of the coast was chosen in 2007 by Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail as one of the 10 underrated spots in the world. Outside the capital, the dormant volcanos, parks, Mayan ruins and colonial towns are all worth seeing. There are a limited number of tour operators but you can take aerial jungle tours, or tours of coffee plantations or historical areas.

El Salvador has a few medical professionals with substantial experience practicing in the USA. Do your research and plan ahead or contact us as Tooth Tourism. Weve been to El Salvador and can help answer your questions.