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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic (DR) is one of the most popular tourism destinations for sun and sand in the Western hemisphere, and welcomed more than 3.5 million visitors in 2007. Most visitors go to one of the many resort areas along the coast.

The country has been democratic for the last decade or more, in spite of widespread poverty especially in the rural areas. The capital Santo Domingo is a large city with the usual traffic problems. The old Colonial part of the city is the nicest area to stay in, and features some buildings dating back almost 500 years.

But DR has not been well known as a destination for dental work. We went there to see why, and now we know. Most dentists do not have experience outside of DR, and there is no Board Certification system. On top of that, its harder to find a dentist who speaks fluent English. We researched and met the best dentists who have modern and clean clinics.

A tooth tourist to DR might land in Santo Domingo, stay a few nights to get the dental work started, then head to a resort for 4-5 days and come back for the final dental work. Sounds nice? By doing your research you can find the best options for accommodations and not pay too much. Or, just contact us at Tooth Tourism because weve been there.