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Dental Destinations

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has become one of the most visitied cities in the world. Tourism in Bangkok include historical venues such as the Grand Palace, Jim Thompson House, Wat Pho, Chao Phraya River, and Wat Arun. In addition, Bankok's Chatuchak Market, the largest market in the world, offers a wide range of products including clothing, Thai handicrafts, household items, collectibles, religious artifacts, live animals, and food-items.

Dental facilities in Bangkok now houses some of the most sophisticated dental technologies available today. Many of which act as tertiary care centers where referrals from other parts of the country are received. Medical tourism, including dental, has been so popular that many medical facilities are now providing services specifically catered to foreigners. Dental work in Bangkok include pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral & maxillofacial surgery, prosthetics, implants, maxillofacial prosthetics, endontics, periodontics, TMJ & craniofacial pain, oral medicine, operative and aesthetic dentistry, and general dentistry.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has now protected about 18% of its land as national parks and was one of the forerunners of what is now known as eco-tourism. Discover some of Costa Rica’s estimated 6,000 types of flowers, or take an aerial tram through the trees, where you’ll see more wildlife than on the ground. The temperature is close to 78 degrees Fahrenheit year round, whether in the rainy or dry season. Add beaches on its Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and it’s easy to see why more than 1.5 million visitors went to Costa Rica in 2007.

The capital San Jose is a sprawling city of about 2 million people. Some parts of the city are safer than others for walking or accommodations. Like most cities this size, traffic can be a problem. The beach is about 2 hours away from San Jose and most tourists land here and then get outside the capital as quickly as possible. For those who want to stay a few days there are museums, good restaurants and many nearby parks.

It has been estimated that 14% of visitors to Costa Rica have cosmetic or dental work done while there. Because the country has been popular for so many years there have been some unfortunate “horror stories” of terrible treatment. With some exceptions, dentists and cosmetic surgeons are well regarded. If you want to be sure to find a good dentist, contact us at Tooth Tourism. We’ve been to Costa Rica and met with the top dentists there, and inspected their clinics.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic (DR) is one of the most popular tourism destinations for sun and sand in the Western hemisphere, and welcomed more than 3.5 million visitors in 2007. Most visitors go to one of the many resort areas along the coast.

The country has been democratic for the last decade or more, in spite of widespread poverty especially in the rural areas. The capital Santo Domingo is a large city with the usual traffic problems. The old Colonial part of the city is the nicest area to stay in, and features some buildings dating back almost 500 years.

But DR has not been well known as a destination for dental work. We went there to see why, and now we know. Most dentists do not have experience outside of DR, and there is no Board Certification system. On top of that, it’s harder to find a dentist who speaks fluent English. We researched and met the best dentists who have modern and clean clinics.

A tooth tourist to DR might land in Santo Domingo, stay a few nights to get the dental work started, then head to a resort for 4-5 days and come back for the final dental work. Sounds nice? By doing your research you can find the best options for accommodations and not pay too much. Or, just contact us at Tooth Tourism because we’ve been there.

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El Salvador

The smallest country in Central America is still struggling to overcome the image of the 1984-92 civil war. The country has moved on, and adopted the American dollar as legal currency. El Salvador welcomed almost 1 million visitors in 2007, even though tourism infrastructure is still being created and there are few full-fledged resorts. It’s one place you can travel to and see more natives than tourists.

The capital city San Salvador is home to American hotel chains, restaurants and banks, and the largest shopping malls in Central America. San Salvador also has numerous excellent restaurants with modern cosmopolitan menus as well as traditional menus. One restaurant is located in a volcano crater overlooking the city.

The chain of dormant volcanoes dominates the country with the exception of a high plateau and the Pacific coast. Many of the beaches of the Pacific are becoming famous for surfers, and one section of the coast was chosen in 2007 by Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail as one of the 10 underrated spots in the world. Outside the capital, the dormant volcanos, parks, Mayan ruins and colonial towns are all worth seeing. There are a limited number of tour operators but you can take aerial jungle tours, or tours of coffee plantations or historical areas.

El Salvador has a few medical professionals with substantial experience practicing in the USA. Do your research and plan ahead – or contact us as Tooth Tourism. We’ve been to El Salvador and can help answer your questions.

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Panama is a country that is making large strides quickly. It is reclaiming its image as an international banking and duty free centre. It is welcoming real estate investment such as the Donald Trump tower currently being built in Panama City, just one of many skyscrapers that are part of the city skyline. It is attracting thousands of American retirees, by offering tax incentives and other perks.

The country’s tourism minister is Panama native Ruben Blades, who became a music and film star in the USA, and has returned home to help promote Panama. He says there are more birds in Panama than any other Central American country. One Panamanian church still stands from 1522, and in Panama City some historical buildings still date from near 1671 when the city was sacked by pirate Henry Morgan.

The most famous attraction in this country is of course the engineering marvel the Panama Canal, finished in 1914. Many tours area available. Since the narrowest part of Panama is just 37 miles between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the novelty of swimming in both oceans on the same day cannot easily be done anywhere else. Hurricanes typically track north of Panama but thunderstorms are common. Rainy season extends from about May to December.

Panama’s medical reputation is steadily growing in most sectors. To find accredited and experienced dentists in Panama who work in clinics that are up to US or Canadian standards, contact Tooth Tourism. We’ve been there.

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