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About Us

Located just outside Vancouver, Canada, Tooth Tourism is owned by a licenced Canadian doctor, a licensed Canadian pharmacist, and their partners. Their commitment to high medical standards and belief in honest customer service are what bring everyone here at Tooth Tourism together to serve you.

We wanted you to trust our dentist recommendations, so we “walked the talk”. We did in-depth research, and arranged fact-finding missions with prospective dentists in other countries.

We then travelled to those countries to meet the dentists and inspect the clinics. Due to our medical background and research, we knew who to talk to, which questions to ask, and what to look for.

We can recommend some highly qualified and experienced dentists who speak English and work in clean, modern clinics that we visited in person. Nice people who are professionals and who appreciate your health.

Unfortunately, we also met some dentists who were less experienced, or who operate in clinics with older equipment, or without the proper sanitation safeguards. Some of them promised the lowest possible prices, but we didn’t want to hear it. We couldn’t trust them. We don’t know where their patients come from, but they don’t come from us.

We think it makes sense to trust a company who has actually “walked the talk” – has been to the clinic, has met the dentist and knows a good hotel nearby, and can pass along some travel tips. No other company in this field has done this kind of first-person research. You can benefit.

We know if we can save you up to 75% off your dental work - with dentists we have personally met, in clinics we have inspected - then why wouldn’t you go, come back happy, and tell everyone you know about the great service we provide.

That’s what Tooth Tourism is all about.